Video Poker Mistakes To Avoid

I used to be in the military and every couple of years I got lucky enough to go to Las Vegas (an American base called Nellis) for 2 months. This sounds like a perfect working environment but to be honest it was hot I had never gambled seriously before. This is where I found kldigi777 video poker. I played it like an old fashioned one arm bandit one coin one spin. After a couple of days playing an old gentleman came up to me and said “you will never win playing like that!” to be honest I just thought the guy was a nutcase and carried on. I went back to the UK and don’t get me wrong I did win some I was mainly down on the whole.

On return I saw a book in my local market claiming to solve all your video poker mistakes. I bought it for £5 and to be honest it was the best £5 I have ever spent. I just wish now that, that the old man was about so I can say sorry because he was totally in the right.

Video poker is played on an odds system you have the choice to play 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 coins for each spin. Please don’t get me wrong you can win playing 1 coin but the odds that the house will win in the end is far greater. It is far better to play 5 coins as the odds increase the payout and make the houses odds slightly lower.

Only ever play the high payout machines, they cost the same to play so why would you spend your hard earned cash on a game with a low jackpot.

Do not be distracted by the waitresses offering free booze wearing next to nothing! At the end of the day it is their job to throw your concentration and some of them are very good at it!

Every casino whether online or real time has a club called the Slots Club. Basically this means that you can get some sort of return on your money that you have already spent

This will never be a massive amount say it will be like, 25% or 1% but you are shortening the house odds more and more and every little will help you.

Have a sound strategy and go online to download a card to show the odds on the machine you are about to play.

Again bankroll management is most important there is nothing worse than the machine about to go hot and you are broke. So plan ahead have enough to have a good game but not too much where you have to sell you home and car. Work out your strategy and try to find a milder machine rather than a harsh cold one.

If you do happen to find a machine that is on a hot streak never ever leave it! If you get tired ring your misses up to come and play it while you are asleep don’t ever leave it till it goes cold! You have earned this right so do not squander it.

The Rules of Online Craps Explained

Craps is a game with a long tradition that is clear for all in the world of online casino gaming to see. A game of chance reliant on the roll of the dice that almost any number of people can play at the same time, craps also features the lowest house edge of any online casino game currently out there. Craps has a very simple premise, the ‘shooter’ rolls the dice and players bet on the outcome, but in its simplicity lies its complex nature.

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Players must first place their bets (pass line bets) on the outcome of the roll before the first roll of the dice, which is known as the ‘come out roll’. The come out roll decides the winners and losers according to the number shown. 7 and 11 designate winners, whereas 2, 3 and 12 designate the losers. Other numbers (4, 5, 6, 9 and 10) stay in the game, becoming the target known as the ‘point’. The Shooter then continues rolling the dice until either the point number or a 7 is rolled.

Timing is important here as all pass line bets might win or lose depending on which is rolled first, the point number (everyone wins) or 7 (everyone loses). It’s important to note that other numbers become unimportant at this point, the shooter keeps on rolling until either 7 or the point number comes up. That’s the game in a nutshell but just to help you along here is a list of the most common bets and their respective payoffs.

Pass line bets work as outlined above. Payoff of 1:1.
Don’t pass line bets are the exact opposite as above, they win when the come out roll is 2 or 3 and lose on 7, 11. The bet works as a ‘push’ in case of a 12 and allows the player to retrieve their money. All other numbers become a point. Payoff 1:1.

Come bets are pass line bets taking place in the same round. These are only placed when the point has been decided. If the come point is rolled before 7 it wins and loses if the order is reversed. Neither come bets nor pass line bets can be removed. Payoff 1:1.

Don’t come bets are similar to don’t pass line bets and are placed after the come out roll. Don’t come and don’t pass bets both allow the player to make alterations or remove them after being placed.

Craps will always be a popular pastime in both online casinos and offline casinos. Although it can’t be counted as one of the most played games today, there are still a lot of casinos offering several variations of the game.

What can set it apart from competing games is its atmosphere. Many games, such as poker, demand silence and are often played in solemn silence with each player trying to outplay the others through sheer wit. Craps is the total opposite; players aren’t trying to outdo the others as they vie to win Singapore casino bonus jackpot. Online casino craps forces a player to focus on sharpening their competitive edge and formulating a game winning strategy.

When it comes to casino online craps groups of players share their luck and find themselves in the same boat, go into any casino and you can find the craps table by simple following the sound of the cheers (and groans) of a group of players, who are collectively bonding over a shared outcome. The same is true at a casino online, shared chat rooms allow players to encourage each other or offer sympathy as the dice roll. So if you find your poker face is beginning to ache, do yourself a favour and give online casino craps a go.

Jekyll and Hyde Video Slot Game

Jekyll and Hyde overview:

The Jekyll and Hyde slot game is free slot machines in the world of online gambling. The slot game is very thrilling and it suit for adventure loving gamblers. The Jekyll and Hyde welcome player in the haunted world. The slot machine offers 1024 winning possibilities to the player. The five reels, free spins, instant bonus and excellent game play environment give amazing playing experience to the player. The Jekyll and Hyde offer various winning opportunities. The game play option is very easy with the slot game. The new players can win maximum cash rewards with less betting knowledge. The Jekyll and Hyde game is based on the movie. The Jekyll transforms into Hyde when his experiment gets filled. The excellent animation, graphics and surround audio gives excellent plating experience.

The Jekyll and Hyde game plays options:

The Jekyll and Hyde is free online slot machine game. It includes five reels, twenty five pay lines. The game is based on the famous novel Jekyll and Hyde. The super game was developed by the micro gaming with stunning features and game play options. The slot game is very difficult at the beginning. It offers more cash rewards if luck favors you. The free spin available in the game helps the player to win cash price. The slot game is featured with 10 free spins. The Jekyll button gets transformed into Mr. Hyde during the free spins. The wild symbol appears in the spin can be used as an alternative for any symbol on the playing reels. The winning mixture with 5 Mr. Hyde button in the free symbols multiples your betting amount up to 1500 times.

Jackpot of Jekyll and Hyde video slot game:

The video slot game provides different coin value for your pet. The player can start gambling from $0.1 to $1.0. You can adapt various sum of coin per line. The game features 25 pay lines. You can place bets on this active play line. Its player choice to fix 1 to 10 coins per spin. The player can control the coins while playing the slot game. The gambling total will alter according to the coins placed for making a bet. The player can start between from $0.25 to $25 in a single spin. A player with good fortune might hit the 5 Dr. Jekyll icons for winning more reward. The single move in the slot game offers a mysterious jackpot to the player. The reel can change at any time. The stop features in the game help player to attain more cash reward at an instance.

Free spins and bonus offered in Jekyll and Hyde video slot game:

Achieving winning combination in the slot game is extremely tricky. The spins and wild push button amplify the winning combinations. The combination of wild symbols and scatter symbol provide more cash rewards to the players. The Jekyll icon changes into the Hyde symbols. The conversion is made upon the purpose. The conversion increases the winning probability and offer 10 extra spins. The slot game is before you to present $7,500 for the lucky winner completing the winning combination perfectly. Start playing the Jekyll and Hyde video slot game and win more cash rewards.